Spring 2019

All seminars are scheduled for Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 P.M. in 220 Price Hall unless otherwise indicated. A small reception will follow each research seminar. 

Date Speaker Affliation Host Title*
January 31st Dr. Paul Marek VT, Entomology Dr. Maggie Couvillon Appalachian millipede diversity and the evolution of bioluminescence
February 7th


Dr. Kelly Maloney

USGS Dr. Sally Entrekin Predicting and forecasting biological condition of streams in the Chesapeake Bay watershed using benthic macroinvertebrates 
February 14th

Dr. V. Bruce Steward

CORTEVA Agriscience Dr. Scott Salom Uncertainty is certain in industry: a perspective from and entomologist in corporate agri-sciences
February 21st

Mr. Greg Pond

US EPA Region III Dr. Sally Entrekin Macroinvertebrates at the source: indicators of flow in extreme headwaters
February 28th

Dr. Jeff Bloomquist

University of Florida
Dr. Aaron Gross
New bioassay methods and chemistries for vector control
March 7th ESA EB Practice Talks
- - -
March 14th
ESA EB – No seminar
- - -
March 21st Dr. Kasie Raymann
Dr. Maggie Couvillon
The impact of the gut microbiome on honey bee health
March 28th

Dr. Chloé Lahondere

VT, Biochemistry
Dr. Roger Schürch
Thermal biology, eco-physiology and neuroethology of disease vector insects  
April 4th Dr. Susan Fahrbach
Wake Forest University
Dr. Maggie Couvillon
Impacts of fipronil on honey bee brain development
April 11th Dr. Philip Tipping
Dr. Scott Salom / Jeremiah Foley
The successful interagency integrated management of Melaleuca quinquenervia in the Florida Everglades
April 25th Student Proposals - - -
May 2nd Student Proposals - - -

*Recorded seminars are found by using the link on the title if the recording is available.