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Fall 2023 Series

All seminars are scheduled for Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 P.M. in person in 220 Price Hall unless otherwise indicated. All seminars will have a virtual component for people who want to participate virtually.  If you are interested in attending these seminars virtually you may register here to receive the Zoom links and calendar reminders automatically.

Date Speaker Affliation Host Title*
September 7th Paul Huxley Virginia Tech Statistics Sally Entrekin Trait-based approaches to understanding thermal adaptation in arthropods
September 14th Noah Rose University of California, San Diego

Maria Sharakhova

Mosquito evolution and the emergence of mosquito-borne disease in the human era
September 21st

Ersa Buyuktahtakin Toy

Virginia Tech Industrial & Systems Engineering Scott Salom Models and Insights into Emerald Ash Borer Management in Urban Settings
September 28th

Darryl Forest

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC W.B. Alwood Entomological Society Protecting the Priceless – IPM in Art Galleries & Museums
October 5th - - - -
October 12th Carey Minteer University of Florida Tim Kring Running on the invasive treadmill: Biological control in Florida
October 19th Robert Jetton North Carolina State University Warren Booth & Scott Salom Expanding the IPM toolbox: update on Hemlock Wolly Adelgid management in the Southern Appalachians
October 26th - - - -
November 2nd

ESA Practice Talks

Virginia Tech Entomology - -
November 9th ESA Meeting - No Seminar - - -
November 16th Jonathan Auguste Virginia Tech Entomology Tim Kring From ecology and evolution to vaccine development: an insect virus' story
November 23rd Thanksgiving - No Seminar - - -
November 30th Christina Kwapich University of Massachusetts, Lowell Scotty Yang Evolution and ecological associations between ants and their myrmecophiles

*Recorded seminars are found by using the link on the title if the recording is available.

** Speaker requested the seminar not be recorded.

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Spring 2023 Series

These seminars in a previous semester and their recordings can be viewed by clicking on the link in their title. 

Date Speaker Affliation Host Title*
January 19th Sara Hermann Penn State University Margaret Couvillon & Shannon Bradley

Identifying a new scarecrow for agriculture: leveraging risk effects using predator cues to manipulate pest behavior

January 26th Don Weber USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD Stefan Jaronski & Thomas Kuhar

Putting pheromones to work in vegetables: steps after discovery

February 2nd Don Mullins Virginia Tech Entomology Margaret Couvillon

Cockroaches:  Weird animals that you should love…or at least appreciate

February 9th T'ai Roulston University of Virginia James Wilson & Courtney Walls Native Bee Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities 
February 16th

Christoph Grüter

University of Bristol Roger Schürch

Social information and its role in foraging

February 23rd Student Proposals Virginia Tech Paul Marek & Scotty Yang & Sally Entrekin -
March 2nd Andrea Gloria-Soria  Yale University Maria Sharakhova

Diversification patterns of Aedes invasive mosquitoes

March 9th Spring Break - No Seminar - - -
March 16th ESA Practice Talks Virginia Tech - -
March 23rd ESA - No Seminar - - -
March 30th Corrie Moreau Cornell University Aaron Gross & Scotty Yang Symbiosis in ants and why broadening our research community is essential for the best science
April 6th Elske Tielens University of Oklahoma Sally Entrekin Aerial insects in the Anthropocene: From field sampling to continental scale radar: assessing insect responses to global change
April 13th Student Proposal Virginia Tech Sally Entrekin & Thomas Kuhar -
April 20th Shannon Ronca Baylor College of Medicine Jonathan Auguste Virus-host interactions
April 27th Jessica Ware American Museum of Natural History Alwood Entomological Society & Laura McHenry Cancelled

*Recorded seminars are found by using the link on the title if the recording is available.

** Speaker requested the seminar not be recorded.