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Entomology Seminar

Spring 2021 Series

All seminars are scheduled for Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 P.M. virtually using Zoom unless otherwise indicated. If you are interested in attending these virtual seminars you may register here to receive the Zoom links and calendar reminders automatically.

Date Speaker Affliation Host Title*
January 28th Maria Sharakhova Virginia Tech Entomology Igor Sharakhov A journey from America to Europe: evolutionary history of the Holarctic malaria mosquitoes
February 4th Stephen Whitehead National Institutes of Health (NIH) Jonathan Auguste
Arbovirus pathogenesis and vaccine development
February 11th Tracey Leskey USDA-ARS Chris Bergh CANCELLED
February 18th Kris Silver University of Kansas Aaron Gross Unraveling Systemic RNA Interference Responses in Insects
February 25th Spring Break Day - No Seminar - - -
March 4th Shannon LaDeau Cary Institute of Ecosystem Science Mary Loften (EEB) Identifying and managing riskscapes of vector-borne disease in urban ecosystems**
March 11th Sven-Erik Spichiger WA State Dept Agriculture Entomology Graduate Students Invasive species management - Asian giant hornet in WA state
March 18th Assa Balayara Senegal Plant Protection Directorate Doug Pfeiffer Invasive pest species (oriental fruit fly and fall army worm) in Senegal/Africa
March 25th Ellen Lake USDA-ARS Scott Salom Biological Control of insects using insects against non-native plants**
April 1st Graduate Student Proposals Virginia Tech Entomology - -
April 8th Chris Fettig USDA Forest Service Scott Salom Small pests, big problems: Why bark beetles are chewing their way through western forests and what we can do about it
April 15th Natalie Clay Louisiana Tech Sally Entrekin Salted soil and salty leaves: Impacts of NaCl on detritivores in riparia
April 22nd Graduate Student Proposals Virginia Tech Entomology - -
April 29th Alexandra Cumbie Virginia Tech Entomology Gillian Eastwood Tick-borne rickettsial pathogens

*Recorded seminars are found by using the link on the title if the recording is available.

** Speaker requested the seminar not be recorded. 


Fall 2020 Series

These seminars occured last semester and their recordings can be viewed by clicking on the link in their title.

Date Speaker Affliation Host Title*
September 10th Kirby Stafford Connecticut Ag. Exp. Station, & State Entomologist of CT Gillian Eastwood Strategies and Challenges to Tick-Borne Disease Prevention: It’s More Than Just Lyme Disease
September 17th Graduate Student Proposals -

Dini Miller/

Jonathan Auguste

Graduate Students: Dakotah Todd and James Carver
September 24th

Michael Hoffman

Cornell University Thomas Kuhar Our changing menu: What climate change means to the foods we love and need
October 1st

Robert Puckett

Texas A&M Dini Miller Red Imported Fire Ant management
October 8th Claudia Rückert University of Nevada James Weger
Antiviral responses of Culex spp. mosquitoes – capacity building in understudied arbovirus vector mosquitoes.
October 15th Fred Gould NC State University Sally Taylor How Eugenics Impacted Agricultural Biotechnology
October 22nd Jenny Jandt University of Otago, New Zealand Maggie Couvillon Vespula wasps show consistent differences in colony-level aggression over time and across contexts
October 29th Daniel Hasegawa
USDA-ARS Alejandro Del-Pozo
Epidemiology of plant virus-insect vector interactions
November 5th

Cerruti Hooks

University of Maryland
Daniel Frank
Ecological-based management of insect pests
November 12th Brian Lovett West Virginia University Stefan Jaronski Insect-killing fungi and their potential as versatile biotechnology
November 19th ESA - No Seminar - - ASTMH & Entomology 2020 (ESA) Nov 16-19th
November 26th Thanksgiving - No Seminar - - -
Dec 3rd Graduate Student Proposals - Scott Salom Graduate Student: Carrie Preston

*Recorded seminars are found by using the link on the title if the recording is available.

** Speaker requested the seminar not be recorded.