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Entomology Seminar

Fall 2022 Series

All seminars are scheduled for Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 P.M. in person in 220 Price Hall unless otherwise indicated. All seminars will have a virtual component for people who want to participate virtually.  If you are interested in attending these seminars virtually you may register here to receive the Zoom links and calendar reminders automatically.

Date Speaker Affliation Host Title*
September 8th No Seminar - - -
September 15th Kier Klepzig The Jones Center at Ichauway, GA

Sally Entrekin & Scott Salom

How insect-microbial symbioses can shape organisms and communities.
September 22nd

Stefan Jaronski

USDA/VT Entomology Sally Entrekin Fungus vs grasshopper behavioral fever
September 29th

Daniel C. Peck

Vestaron Thomas Kuhar Insecticidal peptides: Primer on a new technology yielding novel tools for pest management
October 6th Anne Jones VT Biology Sally Entrekin Selection for increased crop yield shapes plant-insect interactions
October 13th Michelle Evans-White University of Arkansas Sally Entrekin Ecology and distribution of Capniid winter stoneflies in Arkansas
October 20st Alonso Ramirez North Carolina State Sergio Sabat-Bonilla & Sally Entrekin Hurricane impacts and stream ecosystems in Puerto Rico: the response of aquatic insect assemblages
October 27th Graduate Student Proposals Virginia Tech Entomology Maria Sharakhova -
November 4th

Graduate Student Proposals

Virginia Tech Entomology Thomas Kuhar -
November 10th ESA Practice Talks Virginia Tech Entomology - -
November 17th ESA Meeting - No Seminar - - -
November 24th Thanksgiving - No Seminar - - -
Dec 1st Emily Reed Virginia Tech Global Change Center Sally Entrekin Studying policy to inform biology: an invasive species case study

*Recorded seminars are found by using the link on the title if the recording is available.

** Speaker requested the seminar not be recorded.

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Spring 2022 Series

These seminars in a previous semester and their recordings can be viewed by clicking on the link in their title. 

Date Speaker Affliation Host Title*
January 27th Matt Heron Georgia Institute of Technology Margaret Couvillon The evolution of multicellularity 
February 3rd Lorena Lopez Virginia Tech Eastern Shore AREC Thomas Kuhar  Development of sustainable management techniques for insect and mite pests in vegetable production systems
February 10th Jose R. Loaiza Smithsonian Tropical Research Insitute Gillian Eastwood Research priorities for the long-term control of Aedes mosquitoes in Panama
February 17th No Seminar - - -
February 24th No Seminar - - -
March 3rd Chow-Yang Lee University of California, Riverside Scotty Yang

Insecticide resistance and its management in bed bugs — a global perspective

March 10th Spring Break - No Seminar - - -
March 17th Lindy McBride Priceton University Maria Sharakhova Why and how a dangerous disease vector mosquito evolved to selectively target humans
March 24th Christoph Grüter University of Bristol, England Roger Schürch CANCELLED
March 31st Graduate Student Proposals Virginia Tech Entomology - -
April 7th Steve Golladay Jones Center Sally Entrekin Of Limpkins, Apple Snails, and Mayfly Mass Emergence: Invasive Species, Novel Ecosystems, and an Uncertain Future
April 14th Zach DeVries University of Kentucky Dini Miller Urban Pests, Pesticides, and Emerging Contaminants
April 21st Joe Keiper Virginia Museum of Natural History VT Entomology Forensic Entomology: Principles & Reality
April 28th Graduate Student Proposals Virginia Tech Entomology - -

*Recorded seminars are found by using the link on the title if the recording is available.

** Speaker requested the seminar not be recorded.