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Jeff Bloomquist

Professor of Vector Management
Emerging Pathogens Institute
University of Florida
P.O. Box 100009
2055 Mowry Road
Gainesville, FL 32610

352-273-9417 |


Marc L. Fisher

3143 Brackenwood Place,

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

317-999-8247 |


Nathan P. Havill

Research Entomologist
USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station
51 Mill Pond Rd.
Hamden, CT  06514

203-230-4320 |

Reconstruction of the evolutionary history of multiple trophic levels of a pest system to guide management and mitigate the impact of invasive insect pests on forested ecosystems of the northeastern United States; using classical biological control to develop practical, cost effective tools used to evaluate the safety and efficacy of predators or parasites introduced as biological control agents.


Randy M. Huckaba

705 Calle Andalucia
Cotto Laurel, PR 00780

540-420-0136 |


Kal Ivanov

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Entomology

Virginia Museum of Natural History

Department of Recent Invertebrates

21 Starling Ave.,

Martinsville VA 24112


Taxonomy and natural history of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and other Hymenoptera; terrestrial isopod diversity, distribution, and natural history; biodiversity and biodiversity inventories; arthropod collecting techniques; community and urban ecology; invasion biology.


Stefan T. Jaronski

USDA ARS, Retired
MycoSystems Consulting, Research and Development

1173 Oakland Square
Blacksburg VA 24060

406-478-9429 |




Fundamental research into the ecology of insect pathogens, esp. entomopathogenic fungi and Microsporida. Commercial development, mass production, formulation and registration of microbial pest control agents, with a focus on the fungi.

Jarrod Leland

Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.
Salem, VA 24153

540-302-1225 |


Tracy Leskey

Appalachian Fruit Research Station
45 Wiltshire Road
Kearneysville, WV 25430

304-725-3451 ext 329 |

Biology and management of brown marmorated stinkbug
Biology, ecology and management of brown marmorated stinkbug in orchard crops, small fruit, grape, vegetables and ornamentals
Pheromone based monitoring and management of dogwood borer in southern apple orchards

Aijun Zhang

USDA-ARS Plant Science Institute
Bldg. 007, Rm. 312, BARC-West
10300 Baltimore Ave.,
Beltsville, MD 20705-2350

301-504-5223 |

Pheromone based monitoring and management of dogwood borer in southern apple orchards