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Morgan Wilson

PhD Student
  • Urban Pest Management
Morgan Wilson
Dodson Urban Pest Management Lab

Advisor: Dr. Dini Miller

Dissertation Title: Understanding bed bug (Cimex lectularius (L.)) egg susceptibility to different pesticide formulations.

Research Interests Eggs are the most difficult bed bug life stage to eliminate from a residence, but they are also the least understood life stage.   In order to better understand bed bug egg tolerances to insecticides, my dissertation focuses on understanding the respiratory requirements of eggs throughout development while identifying the key developmental stages of bed bug eggs.  I then intend to evaluate the efficacy of different insecticide formulations and fumigation for controlling bed bug eggs.  I will also evaluate the cost and efficacy of assessment-based pest management strategies that can eliminate all bed bug life stages from residences.  

Morgan Wilson's CV - 2021.pdf Morgan Wilson - Curriculum vitae