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Jason Bielski

Master's Student, Small Fruit IPM
Jason Bielski headshot
Price Hall

Advisor: Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer

Thesis title: The Effects of Application Timing on the Efficacy of Various Conventional Pesticides, Insect Growth Regulators, Agricultural Oils, and the Entomopathogenic Fungi, Beauveria bassiana, on Overwintering Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) Egg Masses in Virginia

Research interests: My thesis focuses on different management techniques for overwintering spotted lanternfly that includes biological, conventional, and organic control methods. Specifically, I am investigating various pesticide groups, organic products, growth regulators, oils, and entomopathogenic fungi treatments to spotted lanternfly egg masses. This will be beneficial for developing additional strategies of integrated pest management for spotted lanternfly. I have been involved with spotted lanternfly management since their arrival to Pennslyvania in 2014. While working on my Master's project, I have incorporated my passions for biological control and invasive species management to help control this pest.