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Course Recommendations & Options

Biometry (STAT 5605 & 5606) is recommended for students without a previous course in statistics. Students with some background in statistics should consider Statistics in Research (STAT 5615 & 5616). Additional coursework may be required to help with the student's research. Other recommended courses are Experimental Design (STAT 4204), Contingency Table Analysis (STAT 4514), Sample Survey Methods (STAT 4524), and Nonparametric Statistics (STAT 5404).

In addition to formal courses, students may take advantage of experiential learning opportunities such as museum insect collection curatorship, extension apprenticeship, or development of multimedia teaching materials. Credit can be obtained by enrolling in Project and Report (ENT 5904) or Advanced Topics in Entomology (ENT 6004). Experiential learning credits will count towards graduation, but cannot be used to replace core courses. As with all coursework, experiential learning credits must be approved as part of the student's plan of study.

Students with appropriate interests may also participate in the Molecular Cell Biology Program while pursuing their studies in entomology. The program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of modern biology and helps students apply molecular approaches to their research. An integrated core curriculum, to be taken by all students, consists of three parts:

  1. Principles of Molecular Cell Biology
  2. Topics in Molecular Cell Biology
  3. Seminar in Molecular Cell Biology. (To be taken in addition to all departmental course requirements)