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Accelerated MSLFS Program

Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree in Entomology

This degree is an accelerated degree meant for Bachelor of Science (BS) students who wish to earn a Masters (MSLFS) in Entomology alongside the end of their BS degree with dual student status as both an undergraduate and graduate student. 

Application requirements & admission criteria

  • Completion of Graduate School application for MS degree, and completion of Concurrent Undergraduate and Graduate Status form.
  • GPA of 3.0 or better overall and 3.4 in student's major.
  • Prior Completion of at least 60 undergraduate course credit hours. 
  • To be accepted, students must have an Entomology faculty member willing to serve as their graduate advisor.  
  • Prospective accelerated MSLFS students must be in the last year of their undergraduate degree. 


General degree requirements

Accelerated students are required to form their advisory committee and submit a plan of study prior to completion of their senior year of their undergraduate degree.

A maximum of 12 credit hours of graded course work, taken during the last two semesters before the completion of the bachelor's degree, may be used to satisfy both bachelor's and master's degree requirements. A "B" must be earned in these classes in order to count as credit hours for both degrees. See the document at the bottom of this page for more information.

General requirements and course requirements will be the same for Accelerated MSLFS students as for typical MSLFS students in the department. Please view this page for more information about MSLFS degree requirements.

Research Requirements 

It is expected that the student will begin their research project during their first year in the program.  This includes forming a graduate committee, developing a research proposal, and beginning work on their thesis research. The expectation is that the level of work is no less than that of MSLFS students currently enrolled in Entomology. 

Entomology Accelerated MSLFS Program .pdf