PI(s): Kuhar, Thomas P (Project Leader)

Abstract: Dr. Kuhar is currently researching the ecological aspects and insecticide control of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.), on collards in two regions of Virginia. Research Objectives: 1.To compare fecundity, mortality, and survivorship curves of P. xylostella between the southwestern and eastern shore regions of Virginia using ecological life table analysis. 2.To assess the species complex and relative impact of parasitoids of P. xylostella, 3.To compare insecticide efficacy, relative toxicity to natural enemies, and resistance levels in P. xylostella between the SW and ES regions. Publication: Cordero, R. J.*, T. P. Kuhar, J. Speese, III, R. R. Youngman, E. E. Lewis, J. R. Bloomquist, A. D. Bratsch, and L. T. Kok. 2006. Field efficacy of insecticides for control of lepidopteran pests on collards in Virginia. Online. Plant Health Progress. doi:10.1094/PHP-2006-0105-01-RS. http://www.plantmanagementnetwork.org/php