PI(s): Kuhar, Thomas P (Project Leader)

Investigators: Hitchner, Erin (Investigator)

Abstract: This research is a special cooperative research agreement between Dr. Kuhar and Dr. Dick Dickens (USDA-BARC-Chemicals Affecting Insect Behavior Lab). The use of attractants and pheromones that draw beetles to a point source may greatly reduce the amount of insecticides necessary for effective control of Colorado potato beetle (CPB) in potatoes and other solanaceous crops. Over the past few years, Dr. Dickens has demonstrated that several synthetic kairomone blends, based on the volatiles produced by potato plants, are attractive to CPB. More recently, he and his colleagues identified a male-produced aggregation pheromone, (S)-CPB I, and discovered that the combination of pheromone and plant attractant is more attractive than the plant attractant alone. Field studies in Virginia have demonstrated the attractiveness of the pheromone under field conditions, the potential for the pheromone in a trap crop IPM strategy for CPB, and the assessment of potential attracticide formulations.