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Entomology News Archive

07/11/2023: Virginia Tech researcher discovers new millipede species in the Los Angeles metropolis

04/18/2023: J. Christopher Bergh honored with emeritus status

03/30/2023: Two outstanding Entomology alumni are recognized with prestigious awards

10/17/2022: Virginia Tech team awarded NSF grant to assess how salt in freshwater streams impacts aquatic ecosystems

06/17/2022: Virginia Tech earns Bee Campus USA certification for its work with pollinators and vision for conservation

06/10/2022: Virginia Tech researchers find potential roadmap to removing mosquitoes’ ability to transmit malaria

02/28/2022: First-ever true millipede with 1,306 legs described by Virginia Tech entomologist

02/14/2022: Hokie BugFest on the Go created to provide entomology experience to local schoolkids

01/10/2022: Michael Weaver receives Entomological Society of America’s Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension

08/19/2021: STOP the Spotted Lanternfly

07/16/2021: Revolutionary mosquito researchers receive $2.7 million grant

05/21/2021: Here they come again, make way for Brood X

03/05/2021: Meet the latest member of Hokie Nation, a newly discovered millipede that lives at Virginia Tech

11/04/2020: Battle against the highly invasive spotted lanternfly heats up in Virginia

10/06/2020: Hokie BugFest goes virtual for it's 10th anniversary

07/22/2020: Virginia Tech partners with Nepal to provide virtual pesticide safety training

07/14/2020: Researchers convert female mosquitoes to nonbiting males with implications for mosquito control

07/13/2020: Doctoral student awarded Fulbright to study diseases in migratory birds

05/18/2020: What’s that noise? The 17-year cicadas are back

05/12/2020: Asian giant hornet not expected to be in Virginia for the foreseeable future

05/04/2020: Asian Giant Hornet Fact Guide

04/23/2020: 3D imaging expands access to rare insect collection

04/01/2020: Entomologist’s tips for installing and maintaining native bee 'houses'

02/06/2020: Bye-bye mayfly: Can the burrowing mayfly’s decline serve as a warning system for the health of our environment?

12/03/2019: Hokie BugFest strives to make science more accessible for individuals with special needs

11/19/2019: Second CALS Global Opportunity Initiative cohort grows agricultural partnerships in Kenya and Rwanda

07/31/2019: Chromosome structure inspires intricate works of art

07/11/2019: Virginia Tech mosquito research provides hope for malaria control

06/07/2019: Gillian Eastwood selected as Global Oppurtunity Initiatve Fellow

06/03/2019: What Virginians need to know about spotted lanternfly and the effort to stop its spread

05/31/2019: Virginia Tech Entomology Represents the University at the Virginia Academy of Science Meeting

05/20/2019: Dini Miller:  2019 Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame

05/06/2019: Carlyle Brewster honored with emeritus status

05/02/2019: 2019 Alwood Extension Award Winners