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Nature at Your Door

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Family-friendly weekly nature videos all about what you might see when you "walk out your door"!

Close up of an Ant Lion
Ferocious ant lion! Photo by Frank Taylor

From my Nature at Your Door Video Series, I introduce to you and tell the life stories of ant lions, milkweed bugs, and hellgrammites!

Ferocious Hellgrammites!

Everything you need to know about the larva of the dobson fly.

Milkweed Bugs!

You seen 'em on milkweed plants: Here are six things you should know about milkweed bugs.

Ant Lions

How they build pit-fall traps and kill, digest, eat, and overcome prey larger than selves!

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Award-winning retired biology teacher, Frank Taylor, has a goal — to engage children and families in learning about nature just outside your door! New nature videos on YouTube every week.