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Periodical cicadas and invasive species were in the news in 2021! Find out more about both by watching our presentations.

A female periodical cicada in the act of inserting her eggs into a peach branch.
A female periodical cicada in the act of inserting her eggs into a peach branch.

The Virginia Tech Fruit Entomology Lab has been dealing with invasive pests for several years, from the brown marmorated stink bug, to the spotted wing drosophila, and now to the latest pest, the spotted lanternfly (SLF). SLF is likely to become a major fruit and nuisance pest throughout Virginia. For the past two years, another highly visible and audible insect has been the periodical cicada. Learn more about cicadas in this exhibit in preparation for their next emergence! Our lab is also involved in several international pest management projects.

Periodical Cicada Species and Broods

Periodical Cicada Appearances and Management in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Periodical Cicada Management in the Mid-Atlantic Region

International Aspects of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The Beginnings of Protection Against Invasive Insect Pests

Past and Coming Plagues: How We Deal With Invasive Insect Pests

Spotted Lanternfly in Virginia: Where it Is, and Holding it Back

Our lab works on pests affecting fruit crops in Virginia, particularly dealing with vineyard, berry, and orchard crops. Current research topics include mealybugs in vineyards (vectors of important grape viral diseases) and spotted lanternfly.