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Close Encounters with Pollinators of the New River Valley

Hosted by the New River Valley Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalist

Come visit the Pandapas Pollinator Garden in Montgomery County, Virginia with us!


Image of children meeting the pollinators and the plants they love! (photo: Harriet Shaw)
Meeting the pollinators and the plants they love! Photo by Harriet Shaw
  • Learn about pollinators, why they need YOU and why you need THEM. (Hint: A third of the food we eat depends on pollinators.)
  • See pollinators at work at the Pandapas Pollinator Garden in Montgomery County, Virginia and how volunteers keep the garden working.
  • Do the Garden Scavenger Hunt and Pollinator Matching Game.
  • See other fun activities involving pollinators.
  • Find out how you can help pollinators in you own yard or neighborhood.



Barb Walker, Judy Kirwan, Ann Raridon, Marcia Murphy, Bob Whiton, Sandy Weber, Vicki Fix, Michael Shroyer, Carol Kauffman, Bruce Grimes, Suzie Leslie, Rebekah Paulson, Harriet Shaw, Mike Shaw, John Shaw, and the Pollinator Garden kids

Secret Garden Visit at Pandapas Pond

A Visit to the Pandapas Pond Pollinator Garden

Pollinator materials
The following “” sites offer information regarding all aspects of pollinators:


All of the following Xerces sites are interconnected


Insect advocacy with links to additional sites


  • Develping Natural Nesting Sites — developing natural nesting sites for bees and other insects.
  • Bumblebee Conservation — a guide to protecting bumblebees.
  • Bumblebee Watch — a site encouraging tracking and conservation of bumblebees.
  • Bee Smart — a site primarily focused on creating a garden for bees, and lesson plans for a curriculum on plants, pollinators, gardens, and food.




  • Nature’s Best Hope — Doug Tallamy
  • Climate-Wise Landscaping — Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt (Forward by Doug Tallamy)
  • The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden — Doug Tallamy and Rick Darke


  • “A Living Landscape” — Doug Tallamy (YouTube)
  • “Bringing Home Nature” — Doug Tallamy (YouTube)
  • “An Evening with Doug Tallamy” (YouTube)


  • “The Best Little Farm” (YouTube, not free)
  • “Bringing Home Nature to Lancaster” — Doug Tallamy (YouTube)

Flower Parts Activity Sheet

Take a closer look at a flower; name and describe its parts. Even design your own flower!

Honey Bee and Butterfly Anatomy Coloring Sheet

See for yourself why honey bees are such good pollinators. Learn the difference between butterflies and moths.

Pollinator Matching Game

Print out the pollinator matching game. See all eight pollinators at once and write down your answers.

Preserve a Flower

If you want to save a flower and study it later, here is a method for keeping your favorite flowers.

Identification Card for Your Preserve a Flower Project

Use this card or make your own to keep track of the flowers you preserve.

Scavenger Hunt at the Pandapas Pollinator Garden

You can visit the Pollinator Garden at Pandapas Pond in Montgomery County, Virginia yourself and find these things and do these activities. It can make your visit even more fun!

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Virginia Master Naturalist is a state-wide corps of community-based volunteers who work to care for Virginia’s natural resources and public lands. After basic training in natural resource topics, we volunteer as educators, citizen scientists, and stewards helping Virginia conserve and manage its natural resources. NRV Master Naturalist is based in the New River Valley region of Virginia.

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