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Ticks and Mosquitoes of Virginia

Hosted by the Eastwood Disease Ecology Lab, Department of Entomology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech

Discover what’s biting you in your own backyard!

Image of tick and mosquito - local to Virginia
The black-legged tick and Asian tiger mosquito: both common vector species in southwest Virginia.

Ticks and mosquitoes are commonly referred to as vector species which bite humans and animals in order to obtain a bloodmeal. During blood feeding, these vectors can transmit bacteria and viruses that may cause disease in humans and animals. The Eastwood Disease Ecology Lab studies local tick and mosquito populations in southwest Virginia and the pathogens they carry. In this exhibit, you will learn about common vector species in southwest Virginia and what pathogens they might be carrying. Additionally, you will learn safety tips and bite prevention strategies!


Alexandra Cumbie, Lindsey Faw, Ahmed Garba, and Gillian Eastwood

Identify These Mosquitoes!

Try to identify these local mosquito species using the "All About Mosquitoes" dichotomous key provided in the Fun Facts & Publications section of this exhibit!

Tick Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge about ticks by selecting the best words to complete this crossword puzzle! This activity is for intermediate ages and up.

Tick Word Search

See if you can find all of the 'tricky ticky' words in this puzzle!

Tick Coloring Page

Color in all the local tick species you see on this sheet! PS - Rainbow ticks are always welcome!

Mosquito Coloring Page

Color in a cartoon mosquito on this sheet! PS - Rainbow mosquitoes are always welcome!

Local Tick Identification Sheet

Learn about Virginia and U.S. tick species.

Tick Identification and Pathogens

Learn about U.S. tick species and the pathogens they carry.

All About Mosquitoes

Learn about local mosquito species and how to use a dichotomous key for identifying them.

Eastwood Lab Logo

Our lab is part of the Entomology Department at Virginia Tech and incorporates field- and lab-based studies to investigate the ecology of vector-borne and zoonotic disease. A major focus is to increase understanding of novel tick- and mosquito-borne pathogens of One Health interest, their mechanisms of emergence, and ecological factors influencing their distribution and prevalence.