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Our friends on the farm.

Image of Honeybee on a flower
Honeybees: The secret to many Virginia crops’ success.

What would the world be like without honeybees? There would be no tomatoes for BLT sandwiches. We wouldn’t have strawberries with our shortcake or jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Without honeybees to pollinate our crops, we would have no cucumber slices to dip in ranch dressing or Burt’s Bees® balm for our chapped lips. Honeybees are crucial to the success of many crops — especially fruits and vegetables. In this exhibit, explore resources that will teach you more about our friends on the farm, bees!

Pollination Activity Collection

Explore the world of bees with this collection of fun activities you can do at home.

The Honey Dance

Learn about the "dance of the bees"!

Anatomy of a Worker Bee

What does it take to pollinate all of our flowering plants? This worker bee is in tip-top shape and ready to fly!

Research Different Types of Bees

Take to the internet to learn more about the three castes of honeybees.

The Buzz! Game

An online game that teaches about the pollination process!

Honeybees - What's "Growing On" in Virginia?

Learn about the impact of honeybees on our day to day lives.

Honey Bee PowerPoint

Learn more about the anatomy of a honey bee with close up photography!

Bee Fun Facts

Ten amazing facts about bees!

Winnie the Pooh Booklet

Save the bees! Read this story to see how you can help.

Bees and Beekeeping

Bees Processing Honey

The Buzz on Bees

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