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Toddler with a millipede. Albemarle County, VA

Who doesn't love a millipede?

Hokie BugFest celebrates the fun and exciting science of entomology, and the Virginia Tech tradition of learning and discovery, through outreach and engagement. This event highlights an ongoing youth education program hosted by the Virginia Tech Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Virginia Cooperative Extension's 4-H program, and the department's student-run professional organization, the W. B. Alwood Entomological Society. Since its inception in 1966, Alwood Society members have engaged over 30,000 children by hosting department tours, visiting schools, and supporting special events like the Hokie BugFest. The event is just one day in this ongoing, year-round effort. 

Hokie BugFest 2022

Our in-person event will take place on October 8, 2022, from 10am-3pm at the Squires Student Center in Blacksburg. We will have an early opening at 9-10am for those with special needs (S.A.F.E. hour). Come to enjoy live bugs, educational exhibits, and hands-on activities!

Event highlights include

  • Dan Capps Insect Collection – View one of the largest private insect collection in the country, featuring hundreds of pinned specimens from across the globe (walking sticks that measure over two feet; goliath, Hercules, and other massive beetles; vibrant butterflies and moths; and more.)
  • Over 30 exhibitors – Virginia Tech labs, Extension groups, local museums, and community/industry organizations will share their latest research, provide games, showcase live animals (including some reptiles, birds, and mammals), and provide a host of other activities.
  • LIVE arthropods from the Hokie BugZoo – Meet a range of live arthropods including tarantulas, scorpions that glow, blue death feigning beetles, giant hissing cockroaches, whip spiders, vinegaroons, and more.
  • Active bee hives – See honeybees and bumblebees in action!
  • Earn your junior Entomologist certificate!
  • Bug Library – Relax, read bug books, do quiet activities, or apply for a library card.
  • 3D insect images – Use iPads to manipulate and gain 360-degree views of real insects created by the Virginia Tech Libraries.
  • 4-H Insect Collection Contest – Check out insect collections entered by young entomologists from around the region. Winners will be announced; ribbons and prizes will be given.
  • Insect Study Merit Badge – The Blue Ridge Mountains Council of Scouts BSA will assist scouts, in uniform, from around the region to earn this rigorous badge.

See below for additional information about the 2022 in-person event.

Virtual Hokie BugFest will be published on in October 2022.


Image of parking map around Squires Student Center
Parking areas recommended for Hokie BugFest

Permits are not needed to park on campus during the weekend. Recommended event parking includes the following area: Squires Lot, Architecture Annex, Alumni Mall, Drillfield. Do not park in any spots marked for service vehicles and be sure to check times on metered spots to avoid tickets. Visit for more information.

Blacksburg Transit will be running on a reduced service schedule due to fall break, so be sure to check their website for the most up to date information.

Image of Hokie BugFest 2022 Map with exhibitor list

Image of Hokie BugFest 2022 Map with exhibitor list