Contest Details – Hokie BugFest – October 20, 2018

Who can enter:

Kids and adults, students and individuals, artists and novices…this contest is for everyone!

How to enter:

Fill out an entry form and email it to hokiebugfest@gmail.com or mail it to 460 West Campus Drive, 302 Agnew (MC 0409), Blacksburg, VA 24061 by October 8th. Entry forms are available from your group leader/teacher or you can download one at www.hokiebugfest.org.

When/where to take your art:

Please make every effort to deliver your art to Squires Student Center, 290 College Ave. Blacksburg, on Friday, October 19th between 9am-9pm. Metered parking is available along College Ave. or in the Squires Lot on the corner of College Ave. and Otey St. before 5pm. After 5pm, parking is free. You can also call (540) 250-2588 to have someone meet you in front of Squires to drop off your art on the 19th ONLY – please call ahead!

If you need to bring your art before the 19th or on the day of the festival, please contact us at (540) 231-6543 or hokiebugfest@gmail.com to make arrangements.

Prize categories:

Art will be judged according to three age groups and three art types.

Age groups include: youth (ages 4-10), teen (ages 11-16), and adult (ages 17 and up).

Art types include: drawing/painting, photography, and sculpture.

Prizes and award ribbons will be given for the winners and runners up of each art type in each age category. All entries receive a participation ribbon.


• Entries must be the original work of the entrant – no traced or copyright protected images.

• Entries must be “bug-related” (e.g. insects, arachnids, centipedes, etc.).

• Drawings, paintings, and photographs must not be larger than 11” x 14” (including mat and frame).

• Sculptures (clay, metal, paper mache, etc.) may be any size, but must fit through a single doorway

• A COMPLETED entry form and art label must accompany all entries (see below)

• Only one artwork per person

NOTE: All art will be displayed inside the Squires Student Center during the festival. Be sure all paint, glue, or other materials are dry and will not damage the facility.

Scoring guidelines:

All entries will be judged according to their adherence to the contest theme “Bugs” and overall originality, artistic skill, and effort level. Be Creative! Have Fun!!

Winners: All artists will be honored for their awesome artistic efforts and winners will be announced in the Colonial Hall Auditorium at Hokie BugFest. Please check the festival website for a schedule of event times.

2018 HBF Contest Entry Form - Writable PDF.pdf Bug Art Contest
2018 HBF Flyer - ArtContest (1).pdf Art Contest Flyer
2018 HBF Art Contest Labels - Writable PDF Form.pdf Art Labels
2018 HBF Art Contest Details.pdf Contest Details

Who & What: Start an insect collection and have it judged at Hokie BugFest! Collections can be submitted individually or as teams.

When & Where: Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at the Virginia Tech, Squires Student Center

How to Enter: Pre-registration is required. Contact Stephanie Blevins at slblevin@vt.edu or 540-231-6543 for an entry form and guidelines packet. Entry deadline is October 8th!

Check-In/Judging: Collections must be submitted between 10 am and 12 pm the day of the event. Bring your collection to the Jr. Entomologist Certificate Tables to check-in. Visit hokiebugfest.org for awards time and location. Visit hokiebugfest.org for more information


Age groups:

• Junior Collectors (Ages 8-13)

• Senior Collectors (Ages 14-18)

Prizes: Collections will be awarded First, Second, and Third Place for each age group. Prizes will be based on the scoring guidelines. The top collection will be awarded Best in Show and will receive a grand prize.

Scoring Guidelines - Insect Collection Grading Areas Possible Points:

Minimum of 50 insects: 25

Correct identification of insects to order (Diptera, Coleoptera, etc): use Latin (scientific) names: 25

Correct pinning techniques: 20

Specimen quality: has most body parts, not smashed or faded : 15

Display quality: arrangement of insects, attractive display, viewable case: 15

Bonus: judge’s discretion based on overall effort level and accuracy; identification of insect importance: 10

Total: 110

2018 HBF 4-H Insect Collection Contest Guidelines.pdf Insect Collection Contest Information
2018 HBF 4-H Insect Collection Contest Writable PDF Entry Form.pdf Collection Contest Entry Form

What is a dung-ball race?  Individuals and relay teams dressed as dung beetles compete to see who can roll a ball of “dung” down College Avenue the fastest!! From the starting line, racers will use two sticks* (to mimic a dung beetle’s back legs) to push a 2-4 ft. dung ball* through a series of obstacles and across the finish line.

*Dung balls (not real dung of course) and sticks provided.

Who can enter: Athletes and couch potatoes, individuals and groups (families, clubs, departments, etc.) …this contest is for everyone!

How to enter: Fill out an entry form and email it to hokiebugfest@gmail.com or mail it to 460 West Campus Drive, 302 Agnew (MC 0409), Blacksburg, VA 24061 by October 8th. Entry forms are available online at www.hokiebugfest.org.

Festival Check-In/Race Time/Winners: All racers must check in at the Dung-Beetle Race Table on College Ave. by 2:00pm on October 20th. Races will start promptly at 3pm. Winners will be announced on College Ave. immediately following the races.

Prize categories: Racers will compete as individuals or teams in two age groups. Age groups include youth (ages 10-16) and adult (ages 17 and up). Teams must consist of 4 participants. Prizes will be given for Fastest Dung Roller and Best in Show (most creative costume) for each individual and each team in each age group.


Racers must stay in their lane.

Dung balls must remain on the ground at all times.

Dung balls may only be pushed and maneuvered with the sticks provided.

Only dung balls and sticks provided by Hokie BugFest will be permitted.

All racers must be dressed as dung beetles!!*

*Costumes: For maximum mobility and comfort, racers are encouraged to prepare their dung-beetle costumes prior to the festival. However, materials will be provided at the festival for racers to make their costume on-site if needed. Some awesome examples of Humans Dressed as Dung Beetles include:




Whether you pre-make your costume or create it on-site, please note that dung beetles walk on their front legs and roll their dung balls with their back legs. However, at Hokie BugFest, all racers must stay on their feet and use the sticks provided to mimic a beetles back legs. Sooo…when designing your costume, your head should be the beetle’s rear end, and your rear end should be the beetle’s head!! (see the first link above for a good example) Entomologists will be on-site to help


2018 HBF Flyer - DungBeetleRaces.pdf Dung Beetle Races
2018 HBF Contest Entry Form - Writable PDF.pdf Contest Entry Form
Approved by VT Dung Beetle Race Form-2018.docx

Who & What: Dress as your favorite insect, arachnid, or other bug-related animal and parade through the halls of Squires Student Center and down College Avenue, Blacksburg (weather permitting).

When & Where: Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at the Virginia Tech, Squires Student Center


Age groups: YOUTH (Ages 0-16) and ADULT (Ages 17 and up)

Prizes: Prizes will be presented in each age group for Most Creative and Most Scientifically Accurate costume. Two top costumes will be crowned King and Queen of Hokie BugFest!!


• All costumes must be “bug-related” (e.g. insects, arachnids, centipedes, etc.).

• Homemade costumes are encouraged!

• Hokie BugFest is an event for all ages – any costume with excessive gore or that is otherwise inappropriate in nature will not be eligible for entry.

How to Enter: Pre-registration is appreciated, but not required. Visit hokiebugfest.org to download an entry form or call 540-231-6543.

Check-In/Judging: All contestants must report to the Lyric Theater on College Avenue for judging – visit hokiebugfest.org for check-in time. Judging and awards will take place on the Lyric Stage. The parade will immediately follow the awards.

2018 HBF Contest Entry Form - Writable PDF.pdf costume entry form

We will be hosting our 2nd annual Bug Eating Contest at this year's Hokie BugFest!

The rules for the Bug Eating Contest must be followed throughout the entire event, and any contestant that breaks the following rules will be immediately disqualified.

  1. The contest will be open to the first 10 people to register.  You must be 18 years or older to register and have a valid form of ID that proves your date of birth.
  2. A waiver must be signed in order to participate in the contest.
  3. The objective of this competition is to eat all of the bugs (insects and their arthropod relatives) on your plate as quickly as possible.  Bottled water will be provided to each contestant, but no outside beverages will be allowed.    
  4. The contest will consist of nine rounds in total.  The last person in each round to finish consuming the bugs on his/her plate will be eliminated.
    1. A contestant is finished consuming his/her plate of bugs when he/she raises a numbered sign designated to that contestant at the start of the competition.  The contestant must have an empty plate without any visible bug parts.  The contestant will also open his/her mouth and stick out his/her tongue to prove that all parts of the bugs have been swallowed and completely consumed.
    2. Any contestant to spit out/throw up any and/or all parts of the bug(s) will be immediately disqualified.  All bugs and bug parts must be swallowed and entirely consumed. 
    3. The person eliminated each round will be determined by a panel of 10 judges that are unrelated and who do not have any bias towards any of the contestants.  Each judge will be assigned to one of the 10 contestants and, using a stopwatch, the judges will time each contestant.  Then, the 10 judges will collaborate, using the time it took each contestant to finish his/her plate, and come to an agreement on which contestant finished last.  
  5. Each round will be initiated by an announcer and will begin when the announcer says start.  Contestants must not touch their plate or any of the bugs on it until the round is initiated by the announcer.  If a contestant picks up and/or starts consuming any of the bugs before the round is initiated, then that person will be immediately disqualified from the contest.   
  6. The only person not to be eliminated will be the winner of the Bug Eating Contest.  This person will receive the grand prize and a certificate showing that he/she is the winner.
    1. In the event of a tie, the finishing times and placement of each contestant in previous rounds will be considered in order to break the tie.  The contestant with the shorter times and higher placements throughout the competition will be crowned the winner.     
APPROVED Bug Eating Contest Waiver Release and Rules 2018.doc Contest Entry Form