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Zack Adelman Publication List

The following is a full list of publications by Adelman, Zach N :

  • Davis, G., Havill, N., Adelman, Z. N., Caccone, A., Kok, L. T., Salom, S. M. 2011. DNA barcodes and molecular diagnostics to distinguish between an introduced and a native Laricobius (Coleoptera: Derodontidae) species in eastern North America. Biological Control. 58: 53-59.
  • Adelman, Z. N., Kilcullen, K. A., Koganemaru, R., Anderson, M., Anderson, T. D., Miller, D. M. 2010. Deep sequencing of pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs reveals multiple mechanisms of resistance within a single population. . PloS One. 6: e26228. doi. 10.1371/journal/prone0023228.
  • Plaskon, N.E., Adelman, Z. N., and Myles K.M. (2009). Accurate strand-specific quantification of viral RNA. PLoS ONE 4 (10), e7468, 1-8. PMID: 19847293
  • Traver, B., Anderson, M.A.E., and Adelman, Z.N. (2009). Homing endonucleases catalyze double-stranded DNA breaks and somatic transgene excision in Aedes aegypti. Insect Mol. Bio. 18(5), 623-633. PMID: 19754740
  • Myles, K. M., Morazzani, E. M and Adelman, Z. N. (2009) Origins of virus-derived small RNAs in mosquitoes. RNA Biol 6 (4), 1-5. PMID: 19535909
  • Gross T. L., Myles K. M., and Adelman, Z. N. (2009). Identification and characterization of heat shock 70 genes in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti. J Med Ento 46 (3), 496-504. PMID: 19496419
  • Myles, K. M., M. R. Wiley, E. M. Morazzani, and Adelman, Z. N. (2008). Alphavirus-derived small RNAs modulate pathogenesis in disease vector mosquitoes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105: 19938-43. PMID19047642.
  • Adelman, Z. N., Anderson, M.A.E., Morazzani, E.M., and Myles, K.M. (2008). A transgenic sensor strain for monitoring the RNAi pathway in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti. Insect Biochem Mol Biol 38 (7), 705-713. PMID18549956.
  • Adelman, Z.N., Jasinskiene, N., Onal, S., Juhn, J., Ashikyan, A., Salampessy, M., Macauley, T., James, A.A., (2007) nanos gene control DNA mediates developmentally-regulated transposition in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104(24), 9970-9975.
  • Franz, A. W., Sanchez-Vargas, I., Adelman, Z. N., Blair, C. D., Beaty, B. J., James, A. A., and Olson, K. E. (2006). Engineering RNA interference-based resistance to dengue virus type 2 in genetically modified Aedes aegypti. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103(11), 4198-203.
  • Calvo, E., Walter, M., Adelman, Z. N., Jimenez, A., Onal, S., Marinotti, O., and James, A. A. (2005). Nanos (nos) genes of the vector mosquitoes, Anopheles gambiae, Anopheles stephensi and Aedes aegypti. Insect Biochem Mol Biol 35(7), 789-98.
  • Adelman, Z.N., Jasinskiene, N., Vally, K.J.M., Peek, C., Travanty, E.A., Olson K.E., Brown, S.E., Stephens, J.L., Knudson D.L., Coates C.J., and James, A.A. (2004). Formation and loss of large, unstable tandem arrays of the piggyBactransposable element in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti. Transgenic Research 13 411-425
  • Travanty, E. A., Adelman, Z. N., Franz, A. W., Keene, K. M., Beaty, B. J., Blair, C. D., James, A. A., and Olson, K. E. (2004) Using RNA interference to develop dengue virus resistance in genetically modified Aedes aegypti . Insect Biochem Mol Biol 34 (7) 607-613
  • Adelman Z.N., Sanchez- Vargas I., Travanty, E.A., Carlson, J.O., Beaty, B., Blair C.D., Olson K.E. (2002) RNA silencing of dengue virus type 2 replication in transformed C6/36 mosquito cells transcribing an inverted repeat RNA derived from the virus genome. J. of Virology 76 (24) p12925-12933
  • Olson, K.E., Adelman, Z.N., Travanty, E.A., Sanchez-Vargas, I., Beaty, B., Blair, C.D.(2002) Developing arbovirus resistance in mosquitoes. Insect Biochem. Mol. Bio. 32, 1333-1343.
  • Adelman, Z.N., Jasinskiene, N., James, A.A. (2002) Development and applications of transgenesis in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti . Mol. Biochem. Parisitol. 121(1):1-10
  • Adelman Z.N., Carlson J.O., Beaty B.J., Blair C.D., Olson K.E. (2001) Sindbis virus-induced gene silencing of dengue viruses in mosquitoes. Insect. Mol. Biol. Vol 10 (3): 265-73
  • Shiao S.H., Higgs, S., Adelman Z., Christensen B.M., Liu S.H., Chen C.C. (2001) Effect of prophenoloxidase expression knockout on the melanization of microfilariae in the mosquito Armigeres subalbatus . Insect Mol. Biol. Vol 10 (4): 315-321.
  • Blair C.D., Adelman Z.N., Olson K.E. (2000). Molecular strategies for interrupting arthropod-borne virus transmission by mosquitoes. Clin. Micro. Rev. 13 (4): 651-661.